OpenScan Benchy - 3D Scanning Benchmark

OpenScan Benchy - 3D Scanning Benchmark

Similar to 3D printed Benchys, we hope to establish some kind of standard for the rapidly changing 3D Scanning world.

original in front and scaled-up copy done with the OpenScan Mini + Cloud

This little model is able to show the strength and weaknesses of each 3D Scanners. We aim to spread the model as much as possible and collect results from various 3D Scanners, so that users can make a better informed decision and do not have to fall for some marketing claims about accuracy and resolution…
We will document all unpolished raw 3D scans on this GitHub repository and hope to see a wide range of scanners and methods being used.

Print your own OpenScan Benchy or get one from our shop for as little as 5€ (free shipping) and don't forget to share your scan results!


CT scan - the mother of all benchys

It is possible to see all the resin printing layer lines as well as the support structures/residue on the model. See the full 3D model on Sketchfab.


OpenScan Mini with Arducam IMX519 (OpenScanCloud)

Sure, the Arducam is not as good as the CT scanner, but you can still see some of the resin printing layer lines on the shoulder pad as well as some of the support structures (left side, between ear and shoulder).

See the unpolished scan on SketchFab.


OpenScan Classic + Daheng 21MP industrial camera

Stepping up the resolution and quality of the camera helps a lot to show even finer details of the model. Though this comes at a cost increase of more than 10x...

See the model on Sketchfab.

More scanners

Hopefully, more people and manufacturers will join this experiment and share their results to help the overall community.

More data & results

We will also publish the photogrammetry datasets, as these can be used to evaluate the various photogrammetry software solutions.

Please let me know what information should be included in the comparison/benchmark (scanning time, skill level, price ...)

As always: Scan responsibly ;)

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