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A low-cost, high-quality 3D scanner that you can build yourself - completely open source and modular. 3D scanning opens up completely new possibilities in many areas, such as 3D printing, modelling, reverse engineering, product presentations, photography and more.




Unique 3D Scanning technique

Using photogrammetry on small scale has never been more accessible. OpenScan utilizes this technique to create stunning 3D scans.

No App needed

We strongly believe in data autonomy and give users the choice to process their data locally or through our in-house OpenScan Cloud photogrammetry engine.

Strong Community

As a community-driven project, OpenScan is active on many plattforms, where users actively participate in its development


Every part of OpenScan is well documented and highly modular, so that users can modify and build their own devices based on the existing solutions.

Open Source

Without the open source movement, this project would not be possible. For this reason, all our firmware and hardware plansare published and ready to be modified.

Our powerful photogrammetry solution

OpenScan Cloud

Thanks to great community support through Patreon, we are able to offer a free processing pipeline for your 3D models. With over ten million processed photos, we are on our way to bringing 3D scanning to the masses.

Our 3D Scanners

OpenScan Mini
OpenScan Mini Sale priceFrom €203,00
OpenScan Classic
OpenScan Classic Sale priceFrom €183,00
Scan Volume




Arducam IMX519 or other Pi Camera v2 form factor cameras

Arducam IMX519 or other Pi Camera v2 form factor cameras

many DSLR cameras via USB triggering

any camera via modified remote shutter release (e.g. Smartphone)


Easy to use


Easy with Arducam IMX519

more involved with DSLR/Smartphone


up to 0.02mm (*)

up to 0.01mm (*)

3D Scanning for the masses

Scan the world

When we started our journey in 2017, we could have never imagined that this project would grow to a global scale. Today, our scanners can be found across continents, in various makerspaces, industries, enhancing research, and connecting communities in ways we only dreamed of.

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3D Scanning news, experiments and updates

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ExperimentOpenScan Benchy - 3D Scanning Benchmark

OpenScan Benchy - 3D Scanning Benchmark

Similar to 3D printed Benchys, we hope to establish some kind of standard for the rapidly changing 3D Scanning world. original in front and scaled-up copy done with the OpenScan Mini + Cloud Th...

FirmwareIs OpenScan an Open Source project?

Is OpenScan an Open Source project?

The short answer is absolutely yes, the longer answer gets a bit more nuanced and we will have to dig into some details. So if you are concerned or just interested, stick around and feel free to sh...

Experiment3D Scanning Miniatures

3D Scanning Miniatures

tldr; Squidmar Miniatures released a great video, where they used the OpenScan Mini and the OpenScanCloud to scan one of their amazing miniatures. As the video is focusing on the results, I want to...