OpenScan Mini

The user-friendly OpenScan Mini is the easiest way of getting into 3D scanning with photogrammetry.

With this powerful technology you can scan anything from dental models, old action figurines, keys, ear impressions, archeological artifacts and almost anything that fits into the scan volume.

The device helps to create a perfect set of photos, that can be processed with any photogrammetry software. The built-in camera and unique cross-polarizer create shadowless illumination and filter unwanted reflections. 

Off-the-shelf components

Most of the parts can be either 3d printed or sourced locally for easier repairability

Scan Volume

Scan objects up to ~9x9x9cm


With the built-in ring light and unique cross polarisation, users do not have to worry about lighting or reflections

Raspberry Pi Inside

Running open-source software on the Raspberry Pi to control the scanning process


Choose between different kits with/without Raspberry Pi and printed parts or select the individual parts


You can re-use all electronics to build the OpenScan Classic or your own rig


Control the 3D scanner through a browser interface without the need for any additional software


As with all scanning technology, the accuracy highly depends on the object preparation and user capability, but it is possible to reach well below 0.02mm

Open Source

We strongly believe in the open source idea and publish all our firmware and hardware details on GitHub

Optional & Free Cloud Processing

You can either use the donation-based OpenScan Cloud or your local processing software to generate the 3D model

Pine cone
OpenScan Benchy

Product specification

OpenScan Mini
OpenScan Mini Sale priceFrom €203,00
OpenScan Classic
OpenScan Classic Sale priceFrom €183,00
Scan Volume




Arducam IMX519 or other Pi Camera v2 form factor cameras

Arducam IMX519 or other Pi Camera v2 form factor cameras

many DSLR cameras via USB triggering

any camera via modified remote shutter release (e.g. Smartphone)


Easy to use

beginner friendly

Easy with Arducam IMX519

more involved with DSLR/Smartphone


up to 0.02mm (*)

up to 0.01mm (*)

User Manual & Firmware

We publish all technical details like BOM, firmware, setup and build manual on:

What's inside

Powered by a Raspberry Pi, the scanner creates a local web interface, that you can control through any device without the need for any additional software or app. The built-in Arducam IMX519 offers autofocus and amazing image quality.

Printable Files

All parts are designed for 3D printing and fit onto a standard 20x20cm bed size. Download the files

Pick your parts

3D Printed Parts
3D Printed Parts Sale priceFrom €55,00
OpenScan Benchy
OpenScan Benchy Sale price€5,00
3D Printed Parts3D Printed Parts
3D Printed Parts Sale priceFrom €55,00
Arducam IMX519 (16MP) with AutofocusArducam IMX519 (16MP) with Autofocus
Steppermotor Nema 17 (13Ncm or 40Ncm)Steppermotor Nema 17 (13Ncm or 40Ncm)
OpenScan BenchyOpenScan Benchy
OpenScan Benchy Sale price€5,00