OpenScan Mini @ MakeMagazin DE and more news

OpenScan Mini @ MakeMagazin DE and more news

Five years ago, I did not even know what an Arduino could be and now this...

I am still overly happy about this wonderful and very positive article, that you can find at (paywall) or in your local kiosk.

As you might have noticed, over the last few months there has been quite some silence from my side over, but this will definitely change again since health and other challenges have been mostly solved.

So here is just a sneak peek of some upcoming articles and updates:

New Video showing the best-practice workflow with the OpenScan Mini (including object preparation and some basic post-processing):

Testing the accuracy of the scanner

I finally managed to measure the amazing accuracy, which is possible with those little scanners. In a recent test, I found a deviation of 1σ =0.005-0.015mm on a 50mm large object. Note, that I am no metrology expert and thus my results will need quite a lot of discussion :)


The Arducam IMX519 is running very reliably and the firmware has been updated quite a bit (see GitHub)

By the way, I am currently in the process of migrating a lot of content from this website to GitHub to create a more cooperative and centralized structure.

If you like the project, you might consider becoming a Patron and support OpenScan with a little donation. This is not only a great motivation, but also helps keeping the wonderful OpenScan Cloud free and accessible.

Please let me know, which content you would like to see next.

Best regards,


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