OpenScanCloud + Drone Photogrammetry

OpenScanCloud + Drone Photogrammetry

I am super happy, that a generous user allowed to show the resulting model of his drone photos processed with the OpenScanCloud.

The image set contains only 200 images, totaling at around 850 MB. The upload was done through the scripts available on my GitHub page. The result was then calculated in roughly 15mins.

 This scan is just too good, so I will just let the raw results speak for itself:

With my current capabilities, I should be able to process several terabytes of image data per month. But if there is enough interest and support, I could increase it even further. For now, the testing continues and if you have not joined yet, get your access token by emailing me to I will try everything to keep this service free-of-charge for individuals and only relying on donations. I want to help people to get into photogrammetry and produce some high-quality output without the need for expensive software + hardware.

If you can, please consider supporting the project through Patreon or sharing this or other pages on social media to help spread the news :)

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