OpenScanCloud (OSC) Desktop Uploader for Windows (beta)

OpenScanCloud (OSC) Desktop Uploader for Windows (beta)

I just released the next update for the OpenScanCloud: An application, where you can easily select an image folder or zip file to upload for photogrammetry processing. This is as close to a one-click-solution as possible. And the best part (at least for you): no programming needed ;)

Just download the executable file from the GitHub Project Page. You just need to unpack the zip file and start the OpenScanCloud.exe.

Insert your personal token, which can be obtained by sending a personal email to (which will be automated in the future). After the first start of the application, you need to enter the token, and you are good to go.

Select an image set, click start processing. The uploading and processing is fully automated, and you will shortly get the resulting 3d model by email.

Note that the application is totally free (and hopefully I can keep it free/donation-based in the future). Your data will be transferred through Dropbox and stored/processed on my servers. I will use those image sets and resulting 3d models for further research, but none of your data will be published without your explicit consent!

Please help me test the application! And feel free to share this post, so that more people can join the OpenScan Project :)


Best regards,


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